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Solitaire Rules are as Varied as the Games Themselves by Trisha Ellington

Solitaire card games are very much fun to play and one of the main reasons for this is because of the amazing variety of rules solitaire games have. There is almost no limit to the rules solitaire gems can have and when they are combined the amount of games is virtually endless.

The most common rules appear at least once in every solitaire game today. Often a less common unique rule is thought up, placed in a game and the game becomes a hit. Someone invented a rule that allowed four empty spots to store one card each to make more moves possible in the game. Once these spots were filled, no more cards could be placed in them until one of them was freed up. This game became wildly popular and is now known as Freecell. Many other solitaire games now use this rule and are spin offs from Freecell and are categorized as such in solitaire game collections. Most other solitaire card games are also categorized based on a major unique rule they possess.

Rules fall under several categories and these can be modified to make the game play differently. One small change to a rule can totally change a game and how difficult it is to win.

Building rules

The most common rule category is building rules. These rules determine how cards are placed on top of each other. This is called building. Pretty much all solitaire card games require some type of building to win. Build rules can be either by rank, by suit or both. A vast majority of building rules require building up or down in rank by one. If the rule for a pile was to build up, like in a foundation, this would mean an eight would be placed on a seven to follow the rule correctly. Other rank building rules could require building by twos or threes and some even follow complex mathematical formulas for the die hard solitaire player. The other common building rules involve the card's suit. Many card games require that their foundations be built up in the same suit. That means a heart can be placed on a heart, but no other suit can. This can make the game more challenging and could make the game too easy and not much fun if this rule didnít exist. Other forms of the rule could require building using the same color which mans that a diamond or heart can be placed one heart since they are both red. Some games can also require the opposite color like Klondike, or even any suit but the same. This means nay other suit can be placed on the pile but not the exact same suit. Only a small handful of solitaire games require no building. One example is Cribbage Solitaire.

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