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Solitaire Games Features Makes Computer Solitaire More Fun by Trisha Ellington

Remember playing solitaire in the past with a regular deck of cards? Remember how fun it was? You may have known how to play two or three different solitaire games and if you could find enough space on a table you would play them. Imagine being able to learn a new solitaire game in less than a minute and being able to play right away? Even if the game required two or even four decks of cards? How about having the ability to leave a game in progress and come back a week later to finish it right where you left off? Better yet, wouldn't it be great if you got stuck and were able to go back twenty or so moves flawlessly and start again with a new strategy?

Well, these days, all of this and more are possible. That is because of the personal computer and the vast array of solitaire card games available to simply download, install and play. Computers allow large amounts of data to be displayed and stored and this works perfectly with solitaire games involving up to 208 separate cards! So read up on the features that computer solitaire games offer to make game play fast, easy and powerfully fun.

Smart one mouse click auto play allows you to play cards to any other legal pile with one click. This makes game play immensely easier and more enjoyable.

Auto play to the foundations makes it easy when a game is won and there is no need to play all the rest of the cards to the foundations by hand. Simply use auto play and all the rest of the cards will play to the foundations automatically for you!.

Automatic game save lets you store an unfinished game so it can be continued where it was left off at a later time. Don't you wish you could do this on your dining room table?

Undo and redo allows a game to be undone all the way to the beginning if need be. This can be done with one click and will also move large groups of cards at a time instantly. Even redeals can be undone.

Saving and later restoring any part of a game comes in handy if a choice has to be made in the middle of the game. Simply save the current position and if the first choice was an incorrect one then revert back with one click. Impossible to do with regular cards.

Automatic card resizing automatically picks the correct size card deck for each game so the cards will be as large and as easy to read as possible. Better than buying twenty different sized decks of cards. Even you can even find that many.

Powerful custom card design allows you to make your cards look any way you wish to create endless possibilities in card design. The surface texture, border, back and face card art can all be interchanged. This sure beats buying thousands of decks of cards for whatever mood you're in.

A customizable playing area allows your 'table' to be customized. It is like having a table for every occasion.

Every game can be logged with the time, date, score, win and loss. Then you can display graphs and charts of win/loss percentages. I sure would not want to do this manually. The power of computers!

Having personal players allows logged games and several personal settings to be stored with each player. Players can be added, reset and deleted. Now the whole family can play!

A card counter can count any part of the layout desired. It works for two and four deck games as well. No way this can be done at the dining room table!

Show hidden cards 'cheat' option can help if a game gets too tough. Simply show the cards to get out of a jam. Yes, even computers allow cheating.

Having full rules for every game allows you to learn a new game in a few minutes. The links and help screen make learning easier than a regular book.

Powerful game selection systems allow highly detailed options to select the exact game type desired. Choice criteria include playing time, chance of winning, skill versus luck and category.

You get billions of unique deals and can completely shuffle the deck in less than a second!

No wonder computer solitaire is so popular. It makes the game so much more fun and easy to play so have fun!

About the Author

Trisha Ellington works for Softgame Company, maker of card games, video poker and puzzles. She works on web sites, designs games and does graphic work. Softgame Company also makes solitaire card games.

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