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How to Play Casino Solitaire

If you're a solitaire fan, then you are going to love the online casino version. It's easy to learn how to play casino solitaire, and once you do, you'll be playing whenever you have a free moment! So here's how to play casino solitaire like a pro.

1. Games are generally run with multiples of 52. This is to make keeping track of how much you've earned easier. So the first step to playing these casino games is buying in.
2. The hand will be dealt with seven building piles going in ascending order as the base of the game board. In other words, the first pile will have one face up card it in; the second will have one face up and one face down beneath it; the third will have one face up and two face down beneath it etc. Now the goal of Solitaire is to get all the cards into the four spaces provided at the top of the playing screen. Cards are placed in these piles according to suit, starting from Ace and working up to King.
3. The seven piles at the bottom of the playing screen are built downward starting from the face value of the current card on the pile. Piles can only be built in alternating colors, not according to suits as with the four top piles.
4. Go through the deck, attempting to build upward for the top piles and downward for the bottom piles until you've exhausted the deck.
5. Unlike regular solitaire, casino solitaire doesn't allow the player to continuously draw from the deck until they've won. Instead, the amount of times that a player can go through the deck is limited according to each game. Single-draw, for example, only allows players one chance to deal through the deck.
6. Players are rewarded for each card that is placed within the four upper spaces regardless of whether or not they've won the game.

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